21 January 2018




This “objectives-based” program is designed to motivate/reward those involved for both participation and performance in the program’s activities. Program events scheduled from September through June of the Academic Year gradually “build” increasing in difficulty throughout the year, while encouraging/allowing successful participation from the very beginning.

The program aligns with/supports historically scheduled, Garrison-sponsored MWR events by rewarding participation/performance credit, thereby complementing the “team effort” across the USAWC enterprise.

Individual performance is catalogued, monitored, and rewarded through participation in the Wellness Center assessment, SLDR Performance Movement Analysis (PMA), follow-on programs (MWR fitness classes such as Spinning, Boot Camp, TRX, etc), and PMA phase II/follow-up.

Participation credit is awarded through both SLDR input, seminar sports rep input, and individual input (via data entry portal-to be designed), resulting in opportunities for individual competition, student-spouse teams, and seminar vs. seminar competition.

The endstate is a program which provides a variety of physically developing activities to those stationed at Carlisle Barracks, which develop participants physically and mentally for the rigors of service ahead;  and provides for individual, spouse team, and seminar recognition (with potential extensions to other USAWC tenants) to those who demonstrate excellence.


Upcoming Events:

CBKS Oktoberfest Volksmarch: Oct 11
Army Ten Miler: Oct 12

5K Drumstick Dash & Gobble Gallop: Nov 15

30 Day Ab Challenge: Dec 1-30
Indoor Rowing Challenge: Dec 1-30

New Year's Resiliency Resolution: Jan 1-31
CSM Pullup Challenge: Jan 1-30
SLDR Run Science Lecture #2: (Jan 2015)

30 Day Squat & Push Up Challenge: Feb 3-Mar 4

Strength Challenge: Mar 7
SLDR Run Science Lecture #3: (Mar 2015)
Strength for Wisdon 10K: Mar 21

Jim Thorpe Sports Days: Apr 23-25

Jim Thorpe Resiliency Decathlon: May 8