21 January 2018
Intramural Soccer
Intramural Softball
Intramural Volleyball
Student Army-Navy Game
Student Army-Navy Game

Sports and Fitness

The Sports and Fitness Program at Carlisle Barracks MWR provides year-round athletics, fitness classes and instruction for the entire community, ranging from volleyball, basketball and flag football to Zumba, TRX and Army Combatives.   There's something for everyone.


Thorpe Fitness Center

thorpe Whether you are looking for the latest equipment, personal trainers, or a variety of exercise classes, Jim Thorpe Fitness Center has it all for you. You'll find all the amenities you need in an environment that makes you feel at home, regardless of your fitness level.

Root Hall Gym


Located adjacent to the Root Hall academic building, is the sports and intramurals office. The gym has a full size basketball and volleyball court, regulation-size racquetball court, men's and women's locker rooms with saunas. Seminar basketball and volleyball programs are also conducted here. 

Intramural Sports

sports1 The sports program at Carlisle Barracks offers year-round athletics for the entire community, ranging from volleyball and basketball to flag football and racquetball. There's something for everyone.

 Indian Field Fitness Center