18 January 2018

Family Child Care


Army Family Child Care Homes (FCC) are available both on and off post from trained childcare providers that work as independent contractors for Child Youth & School Services (CYSS).  Care is provided for children from the ages of 4 weeks - 12 years.  

Advantages   More Information
  • FCC offers flexibility over center-based care, including the ability to offer extended care and long-term care during deployments or field duty.
  • They receive the same training and support as the CYSS facility-based staff.
  • All providers have regular safety, fire, and regulation compliance inspections.
  • All providers have monthly visits from a CYSS staff member, ensuring a high-quality, safe and developmentally appropriate atmosphere for the children.
  • It allows siblings to stay together and allows younger and older children to learn from each other.
  www.armyFCC.comis an information and referral tool for parents considering using FCC as their child care option. The private section of the website includes detailed text and pictures describing individual FCC provider homes. This information is intended to help parents see both the quality of the FCC homes and also the uniqueness and individuality of each provider. This section is password protected and can only be reached through the Installation Child, Youth & School Services Central Registration office.

Central Registration may be reached by calling (717) 245-3801.

WE WANT YOU!   Accreditation
Family Child Care offers a great opportunity for those who want to  stay at home with their own children and provide daycare in their homes while supplementing the family's income.

We offer a FREE, extensive training program to become a certified provider. This training can:

  • Further your career opportunities in the future.
  • Increase your child care knowledge.
  • Create a caring, nurturing environment for your own children as well as the other children in your care!
  DoD Certification and National Accreditation are required by the Military Child Care Act to attain and ensure CYSS program quality.

Accreditation: Family Child Care homes are eligible for National Accreditation through an external evaluation (outside "set of eyes") process that surpasses expectations and provides high quality care for children.

Certification: DoD Certification, the equivalent of state licensing, is based on an Army internal evaluation process to ensure that Family Child Care Homes meet required DoD quality standards. All caregivers must meet rigid training, health and safety standards, and are subject to unannounced inspections.

The Department of the Army (DA) considers FCC providers independent contractors in private business. Fees are negotiated directly between the parent and the provider.


Types of Care Include:
  • Full-Day: Services offered to children ages 4 weeks to 12 years old on a regularly scheduled, daily basis.
  • Part-Day: Programs offer morning and afternoon sessions for infants to 36 months of age, and for pre-school children 3 to 5 years old.
  • Hourly: Homes offer drop-off on an hourly basis. Reservations may be made in advance.
  • Weekends: Arrangements are available to include weekend care to accommodate the diverse work schedules of military Families.
  • Evenings: Arrangements are available to include evening care to accommodate the diverse work schedules of military Families.
  • 24/7: Special services of Family Child Care Homes include extended 24/7 and long term care during mobilization and training exercises.
  • Emergency Care: Child care is available when unforeseen situations arise.
  • Respite: Respite care provides 16 hours of free care per month per child for deployed Soldiers and civilians throughout the deployment cycle.
  • Pre-Kindergarten: Provides school readiness skills for children entering school in the fall.



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